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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Pay Me Again To Say It Again

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Wake up.

Make your bed.

Go through your day doing more good stuff then bad stuff.

Don’t completely discount the bad stuff. Learn something from it.

Go to bed at a decent hour.

I am working on a few ebooks that I plan to sell for just $1. You’ve just basically read one of them. Would you be willing to pay me that dollar to get the same information again?

As I try to find my spot in the niche business of personal and business development, I am wrestling with the fear that with so many options already out there to choose from, no one will really want to send any money my way.

But something I read yesterday from Larry Winget that helped relieve me of some of my fears. Larry is the 'Pitbull of Personal Development', and the author of a handful of books, including You're Broke Because You Want to Be: How to Stop Getting by and Start Getting Ahead and his newest, People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!: The 10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them, and was given a complement on his information and style, then challenged his sales tactics and industry, asking why there needed to be some many professional telling so many people the same message.

Larry admitted there are only so many ways a person could really say, "Save more, spend less," but the kicker was that everyone has their own way of saying the same thing. And different people from different backgrounds will only get the gist of a message, even a simple one, from different delivery styles and from different people.

That is why your mom doesn't listen to you but will listen to what your sister would say, even if your message is the same.

That is why eventually I will succeed in getting my message out to the masses.

And that is why you should still by my $1 books.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Putting Focus On “Advantage: Us”
These are four questions you should be asking yourself when comparing your products and services to that of your competitors:

1: What is it that we do that our competitors also do?

2: What is it that we do that makes us come out better than our competitors?

3: What are we doing to make sure we stay better than our competitors?

No, you don’t ask yourself what the competitor is doing better than you. In most cases, when you look at a category where you are trailing behind the completion, you look to see what they are doing and then scramble your forces in an effort to attempt to out do them. It is extremely difficult to beat the established leader at their own game.

I call this living by an “Advantage: Us” standard. When you know your strengths, you have the advantage of working to ensure they continue to be your strengths. This viewpoint may seem a little short sided, but an “Advantage: Us” playbook will easily push back any pretenders to your throne in the eye of the customer. Just make sure you really are better than your competition for the reasons you are stating.

That doesn’t get you off the hook for the areas where you are at a disadvantage. You must acknowledge your company’s shortcoming and make note of areas where you are trailing the competition. But don’t get overly stressed. Unless your company is at the brink of going under, you will continue to get much better results by knowing why you are the leader in your field, and by doing what you can to ensure you stay that way. Just deal with the areas where you are lagging behind the competition by working hard to grow and improve, until you find yourself on par, or even better, than your competition. Then you ask yourself questions number 2 or 3 for that area.

Until then, your forth question is:

4: What else is left for us to do?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Blog Housekeeping: My RSS Feed...
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Order Flowers Online

1-800-FLORALS: Order Flowers Online Today


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Finding Time To Play: The Four P’s Of Life Management Part 2
You are looking for a way to gain control over your life.

The answer lies in finding the time everyday to devote to the Four P’s of Life Management. The key is devote at least 30 minutes a day to each P.

The first P is finding 30 minutes a day TO PLAN.

The second P is finding 30 minutes a day TO PLAY. Time spent exercising with some level of intensity to improve your daily energy levels and overall health. Your PLAY time will ensure you have the strength and stamina to stand up to the rigors of your day, and extend your life to allow you the chance to live that life to the fullest.

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Monday, January 26, 2009
This or That's For 1/26/09
A few things I was reading tonight while waiting for Wintry Death ‘09 to strike Central Arkansas...

Dumb Little Man giving 5 tips on fighting the constant battle of clearing clutter...

The Positivity Blog with 7 mistakes that may be the cause of your New Year’s Resolution failures...

Seth Godin with more geniusly simple advice on insuring dramatic sales increases without spending any money...

And some background on this weekend’s Super, ‘
Big Game

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Winter Clearance at VistaPrint! Save up to 90%!


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Finding Time To Plan: The Four P’s Of Life Management Part 1
You are looking for a way to gain control over your life.

The answer lies in finding the time everyday to devote to the Four P’s of Life Management. The key is devote at least 30 minutes a day to each P.

The first P is finding 30 minutes a day TO PLAN. Time spent evaluating the days and actions that have already past, and planning and looking ahead toward the future. Your PLAN time will help you build the basics of a road map to future success. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

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Three Fears
Three common fears that plague small business owners (and Type-A people in general) are the fear to dream big, the fear of accepting baby steps to success, and the fear of admitting you’re having a down day.

Dreaming big becomes a problem when your big dreams fizzle out somewhere along the way. Have enough big dreams that don’t come to pass, and you’ll stop dreaming altogether. You face this fear by dreaming big anyway, although you first set some realistic goals that you should be able to meet with just a fair amount of effort. Then you are free to set your dream goals at an insanely obscene level that truly surpasses your conventional thinking goal. Publicize you lower goals, prioritize the big goals, and you may find that your performance projections will consistently hit somewhere in the middle.

To explain the need to accept baby steps and small victories toward your success, I’m going to use two American sport analogies from baseball and football. Businesses want to see home runs, because they mean instant results and a big lift in spirits. But the reason why a home run is so exciting is that they don’t happen for every at bat. Their scarcity makes them so exciting and motivational, helpings the teams move along through the mundane art of single and doubles to just get on base (and in business to just get things done daily). A business should operative on the mindset of a football team. A football team has to move the length of the field, 100 yards, to score. But to keep the offense on the field, the team just has to advance 10 yards in 4 tries. That’s baby steps and small victories daily, not home runs and hail marys.

And nobody ever wants to feel down, and when they are, they don’t want to admit in. But you usually don’t have much of a choice if your personal energy is visibly waning or you business is showing public signs of decline. Man up and admit your not doing so well at the moment, then do something to improve your situation. And do it immediately. There is no shame in being knocked down, but staying down or lying down are inexcusable.

TypePad & Movable Type Blogs

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Sunday, January 25, 2009
Simple Life Coaching: Your Four Step Guide To Success
While I would never suggest that the route to full and lasting success can be obtained by the magic of the following four steps, the magic in the steps can go a long way of helping you to focus on your desired goal.

Step 1: Ask yourself what you truly want to be or achieve.

Step 2: When you wake up every morning, ask yourself if you have become what you wanted to be or have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

Step 3: If the answer is no, immediately come up with at least one thing you can do in the next 12 hours to get you closer to what you want to be or achieve.

Step 4: At the end of your day, review what you have done that day to help you become what you wanted to be or have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

From weight loss to success in multi-level marketing, anyone not asking themselves the simple question of what they actually want to achieve, and then not coming up with some sort of plan and holding themselves accountable to it can never expect to really make it.

Live Tutoring 24/7 - Math, Statistics, Chemistry

Live Tutoring 24/7 - Math, Statistics, Chemistry

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Thursday, January 15, 2009
Resume Black Holes: Intentional Or Otherwise
A friend recently sent me an invite to her LinkedIn network, a place for business networking and housing an online resume. When I looked at her online profile, she had a gaping hole in her work listing. The time missing was her time at the company we both actually worked at together.

There is a lot of talk about what to do on a resume to deflect hole due to long unemployment. Not much is put into filling holes of employment from employers you would love to forget every existed, but you will settle for a way to leave them off the resume. The former employer I'm talking about offered a barely functional work environment, and my friend did great work while she was there.

I am sure she listed the old job when looking for her current (and much better) job, but now has the power to spirit the experience away. I wonder what she will use as an explanation should she need one, since it looks like a 7-year gap in employment (I suspect she misdated some jobs on her profile).

I left the company at my own choosing, but under duress, as did a flood of others at the same time during a changing of the guard. I still list the company, although my work there was concurrent with my current day-job employer. The experience I gained, the skills I picked up, and being able to use the bad experience of the job as a story of survival, seems to be work the ink. It was apparently not for my friend.

But I need to give you a little useful advice, so let’s get into how you can address a resume gap before it becomes a black hole in your career. Assuming you want to address it.

The first step is to remember to be honest in your explanation, even if you don’t turn out to be perfectly honest. Don’t allow the interviewer to turn a gap in your resume into a major concerns.

Make sure you come up with a good reason for your resume gap (while sticking to that whole honestly step). Some basic reasons include relocation, family emergencies, personal and educational goals, or a medical situation. In the case of a medical situation, be aware that the condition may raise some questions, which may or may not be legal.

Long periods of unexplained unemployment is a red flag for employers. Maybe you don’t need the work and could flake out and leave them high and dry at a critical point, or maybe you aren’t good enough to fool most employers that you are a bad employee, and they don’t want to be the company that falls for your nonsense.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Reviewing What I Said: A Potential Star Employee's Wish List
In working on my new writings, I've been reviewing lots of old writings to see if there are strings of pearls of wisdom that I can claim...or if I have been a classic flip-flopper. Submitted for your review and approval, and article I put on the Cool Corporate dot COM Blog in October of 2007. I actually got one comment on this, and if memory serves me correctly, it was spam...


If you are a manager, every so often you will come across an employee in your organization, hopefully under you supervision, that just shines above all the rest of their peers without much effort. That star or potential star employee is a gem you may have lucked upon, but it will take more than a little luck to keep them working for you and your company. And even worse than them leaving for your competition, they could get sullen and just stop putting forth any effort, and are no longer working 'with' your company.

How do you keep your stars happily working in their cubicles and shining for your company? If you were to ask any of these employees, I bet the following items would all be on their wish list:

* Give Them Co-Workers Who Can Keep Up - Nothing is more frustrating to a highly motivated, highly mobile worker that being partnered with a slug who just simply can't keep up. Chances are your star is not stuck up or conceited, but if you place them in teams that aren't performing because they truly can't perform or just don't care all long as the checks don't bounce, you’re just showing your star that you don't care about their level of effort. They'll find a place where movement at their speed matters.

* Give Them The Resources They Need - Just like being placed with bad people, having poor or no resources available to get the job done means it will be harder--if not impossible--to get the job done. Make the jobs easier to get done, and they'll get more jobs done.

* Give Them The Time They Need - Micromanagement is awful. Insane deadlines are awful. Not letting your stars get their job done, or rushing them to complete tasks sooner than they need to be completed will frustrate, confuse, and infuriate.

* Give Them A Chance To Screw Up - If Jack Welsh gets to blow up a building and still become CEO of General Electric, a star employee in the making could surely survive a missed deadline, target, or even bombing a presentation. They're not screwing up on purpose. They'll learn a valuable lesson from the occasional failure, and especially from a huge failure.

You've got a star employee, or a potential in the making. You've got a prime chance to directly effect the career and life of person who could be an eventual rock star CEO, or just another business burnout. Most of their outcome will truly be up to time, chance, and their own efforts. Don't be the jerk that makes it harder that it needs to be.

Be In Sync with ‘BeInSync’ from Phoenix Technologies

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Gain Sales By Pushing The Savings
Broadcast media is hurting for advertising dollars. With the major corporations heavily reducing their ad spending to save cash, its no wonder the mom and pop shops around the nation are a little wary of pouring money down the perceived black hole of a bill board, newspaper ad, or TV and radio spots.

Whatever your business is, your customers are likely using the need to save cash as their reasoning for not stepping foot into your store. Your business works because you fulfill some need, and if you do it well enough, you make more money at it. But a cash strapped public is beginning to forgo the excesses and have turned to disciplining themselves to ensure financial survival. That’s a good thing for them and a great thing for you, if you know how to sell to them.

If your customers are not seeing or not responding to what they will receive from buying your service or product, take up a different approach. Try showing them what they can actually save from shopping with you. If you can show them way that you actually save them money, effort (almost as good as money), or time (sometimes even better that as money), your cost will be instantly justified.

At the day job, we’re providing the same amount of service, if not more, for our loyal customers. We are offering them deals to help them in their rescheduled budgets and providing plenty of reassurance that their ad dollars are now moving further as other companies, including the major corporations, are backing away from their promotions, saving them time and effort spent in pushing their products and services.

In the side gig (a part of this here blog), I’m creating products and programs that lead to a lot of front end prep work, but will in return leave my customers better prepared to handle various business and personal issues, saving them time and effort to ultimately get things done.

What does your product or service do along the lines of offering savings for your customers? How are you presenting this information to your customers?

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Start Saving Today With ING DIRECT!

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Monday, January 12, 2009
Not In The Mood Is Not An Excuse
All day today I have been trying to work through the general lack of motivation I have fallen into. It started from some dreaded projects at the day job, and has spilled over into the business/side-gig, hanging out with friends and family, exercise, walking the dog...just about every aspect of my life.

Then I came across a blog post from Seth Godin, who was seemingly reading my mind, since basically I’m just not in the mood. An excerpt:

You already know how to deliver excellent service that blows people away. You just don't feel like it. Your organization has the resources to buy that machine or enter that market or change that policy. They're just not in the mood.
I should know better, since my entire business plan deals with presenting information that should come as no surprise about how to manage media and office procedures for businesses and life strategies for your personal life. Not being in the mood is no excuse for not doing a good job. It is a direct violation of my 9th Rule Of Life (Explanation? Yes. Reasons? Sure. Excuses? No Excuses!). I’ve even coined a new mantra at the day job: I’m underpaid. You can either allow me to overproduce and overdeliver for the money you’re spending, or you can watch me give you exactly the service you have paid for. I think its helping. Especially now that I am determined to shake off my bad mood.

Trac Fone: Cell Phone Service With Absolutely No Contract? Absolutely!

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Over Compensate Your Overworked Front Line Employees

Computer Training Online Computer Training Online

When you work at a News/Talk radio station, you would assume there is plenty of free talk about the news of the day. Well, not so much actually.

The station is work for leans heavy on the Conservative side, and our audience follow the every word of Rush Limbaugh. To say religiously would not be an understatement. Breaking news that does not qualify as' You're all gonna die' will get complaint calls immediately. 'You're all gonna die' news will get complaint calls over not letting Rush tell the listeners himself.

But you learn to flow with your audience. When you're getting an influx of mostly one-sided conversations, you try to politely disagree. When you figure out that tactic will get you nowhere, you decide to just nod your head and let the conversation end on its own.

But our listeners are also our customers. And often, despite the assurance that you have heard the complaint before, you have to attempt to listen. And since we all know the customer is very often completely wrong, you don't get the option to just nod your head until you can fake a cell phone call to make a getaway.

Living by the rule 'The customer is always right' reminds you that in their minds, the customer deserves some resolution to their problem. As a provider of a service or a product, you realized the customer's problem is often of their own making, and the solution is to actually 'fix the customer.'

You also know most customers don't want to be fixed. They want to be right.

Managers should take the time to make sure any front-line employees know how best to defuse tense customer situations, and how to calmly elevate the situation to upper management if they can not make it work. And the front-line employees should be taken care of disproportionally well. Because they deserve it. If you don't believe it, come watch our secretary work the phones when a server crash takes Rush off the air or keep a prize winner who claims they won a better prize then they are receiving at bay until a promotions director can scramble a make up prize package together.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Friends When You Need Them
This post is more of a personal rant, but there is a point to push, so bear with me as I cry in my beer for a moment.

Anyone who complains about lack of control in there life should try declaring they are now taking control. It’s a lot like the old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tells Him your plans."

That is exactly how this whole ‘company’ thing is coming. Its one thing to want to take on an effort with the sole purpose of helping other. Trying to make a profit in the process ups the ante. The idea that I deal with so many people doing interviews that give bad to barely marginal performance, and that I can help them out, and make a little (and down the line a lot) of money in the process should be golden. It’s been far from that so far.

I have learned where exactly the boundaries of my talents lie in the past few months. I had a good idea before, but now that I am forced to operate in a professional manner, there is no wiggle room in my execution. It gets especially frustrating when you put yourself out to help others and can’t find anyone to help yourself.

For anyone who is looking to take on a new challenge, or even having difficultly in an ongoing challenge, setting up the proper support system is a key success. Having people you can talk to during the tough times won’t be the fix to everything, but will always help you feel better, even if they can offer little in the way of advice. It’s their ability to lend you their ear.

Keep you friends close as you make your way into tough times.

Sales in a Click

Sales In A Click: Effective, Automated Email Marketing

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Thursday, January 8, 2009
Reviewing What I Said: Do You Want To Work For The Best Leaders?
In working on my new writings, I've been reviewing lots of old writings to see if there are strings of pearls of wisdom that I can claim...or if I have been a classic flip-flopper. Submitted for your review and approval, and article I put on the web in October of 2005. It received no known response...



The October 31st, 2005 issue of U.S. News & World Report has a cover story on "America's Best Leaders," chosen by a committee convened by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. The article highlighted 25 of the best leaders, for a variety of industry backgrounds, to including names like Bill & Melinda Gates for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Steve Jobs for Apple Computer and Pixar, Brian Lamb for C-SPAN, Condoleezza Rice as United States Secretary of State, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, and Oprah Winfrey for HARPO Inc. and `The Oprah Winfrey Show.'

So what does this mean to you as a reader of an article on issues pertaining to the job market? The answer to that question is another question. The answer to that question isn't as simple as it may seem.

Who do you want to work for?

The best answer most people want to give is for the best boss possible. And that would seem to be someone who instills many similar traits to those displayed in this list of best leaders.

But in reality, some of the best leaders live and work in conditions that require some of the most intense and strict behaviors, and are truly some of the hardest people to work for. May be there expectations are too high and there demands are too strict. Maybe your a little more laid back your career (or just lazy period) and the meeting the constant goals of an super-achiever are going to conflict with your plans to play pick-up basketball with the fellas later.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates may have mellowed over the years since the initial wars over which personal computer platform would dominate the market. Or maybe now that they have more money, they can hire better publicists. The horror stories of the original days at Apple and Microsoft are legendary. Remember that Jobs was pushed out of Apple for a while for being overbearing and lording over personal projects that weren't meeting the bottom line.

Remember that Bill Gates made this list for the charitable foundation that he oversees with his wife, **not** for growing Microsoft into what is simultaneously one of the most influential and most hated companies in the world.

As you search the classified for that next possible dream job, make sure you always remember to do your homework. Study up on the company, its performance, and especially its leadership. For every episode of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' that has Oprah giving away one hundred cars, there a story about her sending staff to by her coffee and lunch because she doesn't carry small bills--and her not being good at remembering to pay them back. Whether true or the fabrication of disgruntled bad employees, you can't get the full picture from a special report.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
The Message: Make It Personal
I see myself, among other things, as a messenger trying to ensure the message of the moment--some very simple, most not so simple--gets sent intact and received fully. Working in media, you quickly learn that you get a greater response to a particular message when you make it an experience that, to the listener, is truly about them.

We are a ‘me’ society. Just talk to teenage kids and you’ll think we are raising the most self-centered generation in history. That might be true, but my generation was and still is pretty self-involved. And there have been scores of materials written about the downsides of some of the actions of the Baby Boomers.

It doesn’t change the fact that the best way to get someone’s attention it to make the issues as much about them as possible. Even if it isn’t.

And that is the hard part. When it’s not personal, when they don’t have a dog in the fight, when the issue has less significance in one’s life than a coin flip, it hard to sell it to some one that the issue really matters.

It’s even harder when the issue really does matter, and will affect them eventually. Just not today, and there are plenty of other problems in front of them that dealing with a future worry that might not actually come to pass is a nuisance people will chose to ignore.

Remember that whenever you are trying to deliver a message. It has to be personal. It has to have meaning. It has to have an impact on their lives serious enough, good or bad, to make them take a moment to take note.

You still may not get the desired outcome from delivering the message. You will get the satisfaction of knowing the message was received, and received clearly.

It’s now up to them to act or react.

Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Questioning Your Place
Just about everyone who has heard of Zig Ziglar is a fan, but his son Tom tell as tells us in his blog about an incident that put him on the path to becoming one of the most famous speakers and teachers in the nation.

Then he asks an interesting question: If you heard two people talking about you, what would you be known for?

I have an add-on question: Is it to late to change that?

theFlip MINO

The Flip MINO: What Does Your MINO Say About You?

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Monday, January 5, 2009
Follow The Fitness 7 Plan: Seven Small Goals To Help You Plan A Better You
Every journey needs a destination. Without a destination, you’re just setting yourself up to wander around, hoping to eventually show up somewhere, anywhere, and not know exactly where that is. If you’re having problems getting your fitness goals mapped out to get you to a worthy destination, use the goals from what I call “The Fitness 7 Plan.” These seven goals, listed in a practical order, will help you gain footing in your quest for better physical conditioning.

Goal 1: Just Lose A Few Extra Pounds

Here is a simple, small, and very easy to achieve and archive goal to get you started. The act of losing a few pounds will make it much easier to lose a few more pounds, and a few more pounds, and a few more pounds, continue and repeat until you get to your goal weight. Haven’t set a goal weight? You’ll figure something out soon. In the meantime, you’ve probably already noticed...

Goal 2: Increase Your Energy Levels

Looking a little better does translate into feeling a lot better, and the act of shedding just a few pounds in conjunction with an increase in physical activity will pay out in big dividends quickly. In fact, the energy boost you will start to receive from just exercise will soon become vital to your everyday life, if not addictive. You will actually notice the difference when you miss a few days of exercise, although your stamina will quickly return to your ‘new’ normal as soon as you get back on (and on the) track. In no time, you’ll also notice...

Goal 3: Get Noticeably Trimmer And Toned

Now come the fun part. As soon as you start seeing the results of all your hard work and consistency with a thinner face and looser fitting clothing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get into this whole exercise thing much sooner. You’ll really get the great picture of where your hard work is going and just how far you have come when you trade in the ratty shorts and torn t-shirts for some of the new fitness optimized work-out gear. You know, the clothes that fits you the right way in the right areas and magically sucks the sweat off your body? The cost isn’t as much as you might think. Besides, don’t you deserve to pay a few extra pennies as an award in itself. By the way, have you also noticed...

Goal 4: Get A Boost Of Confidence

Are you feeling pumped and ready to take on the world yet? Don’t let the fear that you might be becoming a little shallow slow down your progress. You’ve earned the right to walk with as much swagger as you like. A better physical appearance is a quick way to gain a boost of confidence. Just remember, a better looking outside can help, but doesn’t guarantee, a better ‘looking’ and feeling inside. It may take some work to stabilize the new and growing mental you. But all those complements you’ll get on the newly polished exterior will easily help. And you’re probably feeling even better about you days as you start to notice...

Goals 5: Get A Reduction In Daily Stress

Having less fat mass and more muscle mass on your body means less stress on the body. That will translate into less daily stress in general, as a body in great shape will be easily handle the normal physical stresses of the day. Your newly increased level of fitness will greatly help you overcome any radical physical stress or the mental stresses that can sneak up and catch you off guard throughout the day. And in the process, you’ll notice...

Goals 6: Get to Feel Like An Athlete Again

It will be just like you stepped back in time to the glory days of as a high school athletic star! All the excuses you have used to giving for not going out back to play with the kids or down to the park to shoot hoops with you friends will be useless, and you will become the annoying friend always bugging people to go to the gym with them. And why not be a little annoying, since...

Goal 7: You’ll Feel Unstoppable!

Welcome to a whole new world! A world where just about everything you set out to accomplish can be done with relative ease. No longer will lack of energy be a legitimate excuse or set back. Anything you set you newly cleared and stress-reduced mind to can be done, and you actually believe it.

Congratulations, you’ve conquered every goal in the “The Fitness 7 Plan.” And even if you haven’t don’t despair. If you slip up and get off track, just start all over again at Goal1, and take “The Fitness 7 Plan” step-by-step. Be persistent, be patient, and most importantly, just believe that the only ting between Goal 1 and
Goal 7 is the necessary time it takes to build yourself into the unstoppable force you are meant to be. Don’t try to cheat yourself or the system. It will happen, and we’re all pulling for you to get there.

Link to main Workout Programs page Download Workout Programs...No More Excuses...


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Your Daily Dozens: Creating An Active Daily To-Do List
A to-do list is a tool. It is not magic, but the results you will receive from working a to-do list can seem like voodoo or witchcraft for some, based on how unorganized and unplanned you pursuits have been in the past. This post will show you how to create a simple list with a bit of a theme to make it a little fun.

So why are we targeting a dozen items? Because ‘Your Daily Dozens’ sounds cool. If you just want to write down a standard ten item to-do list, or just a listing of as many things you can think off, is up to you.

If you are like most people who seem to do a lot of things in a busy day, but at the end of your days can’t really recall what you have actually accomplished, you will not come up with a dozen items before you get your day started. You understand that the emergencies of the day are different every day, and that you’ll find ways to accomplish things you would have never thought you would have to do.

Creating your list as a starter list will help you get a focus on what you need to accomplish first in your day. As your day goes along, and you gain more tasks you have completed, you can add them to the list. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t end your day with a full 12 tasks completed. And especially don’t be worried if your completed list, or even your starting list, goes past a dozen items. This is just a simple to-do list. It is just a simple tool for organization and prioritization.

Whether you want to use an electronic organizer or just a pocket spiral notebook, you will want to keep your daily lists together so that you can quickly compare your previous days’ efforts, as well as having a way to easily see what unfinished business items you will need to transfer to a next day.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009
The Question: Live Or Die?
Here is a harsh reality. If you’re not growing you’re dying. If you’re not growing, you’re getting behind.

Anything that is not helping you grow, advance, or get bigger and better is just slowing you down, taking you down, or wasting your time.

And it doesn’t take much put you on the path away from living the life you want or growing your business to the heights it can achieve. Fortunately, it also doesn’t take very much to change course, and move towards a more positive direction.

Actually, it can be as simple as asking yourself one question when you begin to doubt your choices: live or die? Ask yourself that question every morning, and whenever you find yourself facing a choice that may lead to an energy drain.

You just have to make the choice.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Your New 'You Resume'
One of the 5 dozen or so ideas I have come up with to offer up as services for Fast Forward business proprieties is to do resume reviews, rewrites, and receiving policies. Since I intend to coach up both the people looking for jobs and the businesses looking to hire them, it seemed like an easy way to make a few bucks for the company while I am still working through the lean early days.

So today, as I was working on a few resumes, and proofreading/tweeking the job seeking interview guide I’m working on, I had a quick flash reminder of the anti-bio exercise I worked up for people like me who have trouble putting down their accomplishments in a CV, resume, or traditional biography.

Then I had another idea. A great new idea for finding what to truly focus on in the New Year. Since most people are using the beginning of 2009, alongside the current economic crisis, as the perfect time to evaluate themselves and current professional skill levels, why not take a slightly more business like approach in the evaluation of your own personal life?

As you take time in the next few days to work on goals, expectations and resolutions, be extremely mindful to take note in exactly where you stand at this moment in your personal life and relationships that aren’t work related. Take inventory of your proficiency levels of communications with your family and friends, your personal fitness, your cooking or cleaning skills…whatever you have on your list to improve upon in the next 365 days. Write yourself a ‘You Resume’ dated for right now, chronicling where you currently stand. And just like your professional information, make sure you set up periodic check times to examine and update your new ‘You Resume.’

This new personal resume of your person may be the perfect way for you to take that long look in the mirror you have be putting off for fear of not liking the results. And if you don’t like the results, you now know exactly what needs to be fixed.

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Three Nouns For New Year’s Day
goal: (noun) The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective

expectation: (noun) a prospect of future good or profit

resolution: (noun) a resolving to do something; a course of action determined or decided on.

What you call it isn’t important. The fact that you isolate yourself, take out a pen and paper, and write them down is.

Today is New Year’s Day. Make your fresh start with some sort of plan of action. That will help you create your path to the better life you deserve. And you deserve to make it to your destination in this year 2009.


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Welcome to my new blog. This is where I will chronicle the next phase of mis-adventures of my life. Thank you for staying on the ride, and for you newcomers to the inside of my mental mania, I will do my best to make sure the trip is both entertaining and educational.

Life In Fast Forward: The Blog is still a bit of a work in progress. Keep checking in for new posts and site updates.

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Welcome to my new blog.

Life In Fast Forward: The Blog is still a bit of a work in progress. Keep checking in for new posts and site updates.

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