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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Life In Fast Forward: The Blog Is Moving...
...actually, it has already moved and facilitated a name change.

Not sure if it will move again or not, but I'm moved it to Wordpress and am mulling over the idea of hosting it wherever the new home for Fast Forward Business Properties website will be.

For now, it lives at

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Getting Bitten By The Idea Bug
When you are bitten by a bug, there is a certain amount of time that you just have to live through before the itching and swelling of that bite goes away. Rubbing and scratching the bite will only prolong the experience, the discomfort that comes with it and the time needed to heal. But eventually, the swelling will subside, the rash will fade, and the itching stops.

The same general thing happens when you are bitten by an ‘idea bug.’ Once a new idea come to mind, you’ve got a limited amount of time before you lose the adrenaline rush to put the idea in motion, and possibly lose the idea itself to the million of other thoughts that get processed through your mind on a daily basis.

And just like there are steps to take to help alleviate the suffering from an actual bug bite (don’t touch it, apply some medicated cream, take a pill, etc.), there are steps you can take to prolong the jolt of inspiration of your ‘idea bug’ bite:

1: Write It Down IMMEDIEATELY! - Never let an idea just dissipate from your memory. Just because the ideas are flowing now, doesn’t mean you’ll never go through an idea dry spell and need to look back on a few filed away ideas for inspiration. Write the details of your idea as simply or as detailed as they came to you, and place it somewhere you can routinely review it, lest you waist the effort of preserving it in the first place. Create an idea bank for storing randomly created ideas in a file folder, shoe box, computer file--whatever will work best for you. You can even carry a portable notebook to jot down ideas as they come if you are prone to attract idea bugs.

2: Order Your Steps – Make a quick determination on just how complicated your idea is and just how much work will be involved in your attempt to actually make it happen. Come up with a quick, easy to follow outline of all the steps involved that you can think of, and determine how long you think it will take to get the project started and completed.

3: Gauge Your Timing – Determine if this is the actual right time or place to attempt to work out the kinks in your idea. Let’s use the example of your idea being a ski stunt you would like to attempt and master. If you are nowhere near water or snow, chances are you won’t be working on the stunt by mid-morning. And if you have to lose ten pounds and get in shape before you can even attempt your stunt, that’s just more prep time needed before the attempt. If now is not the right time or you’re not in the right place, schedule a time in the future when you can assure all the conditions are acceptable to make an attempt at your idea. If your idea is not that involved or complicated, and you believe you can work on it now with minimum interruptions, and you are ready for the challenge, then jump on in.

4: Start At Your Earliest Convenience – The average person has about 48 hours or so from the initial formation of a new idea before they lose interest in it completely. And if they don’t take the time to write it down, they could lose the entire idea minutes after they came up with it. It is important to put your plan in motion for you idea as soon as possible, or schedule a time in the near future to get started, with plenty of incentive to get back to it.

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Reviewing July For The Fast Forward Blog
Looking back at the month that was July 2009, I was able to get 7 (hopefully) quality posts online, with 5 being original posting from myself, one being a reprint that I need to tag as Reviewing What I Said, and one guest posting. Here is the full listing of my July posts, with a brief description.

Make A List, Baby! Part 1
Breaking down the basics of the most effective development tool you’ll ever use: a list.

Make A List, Baby! Part 2
The four lists I use to manage my daily life: my Daily Journal, my Daily Dozens, my 30 Minutes A Day Log, and my Running Notepad.

Welcome To Your Crisis
Comparing how you would handle a house fire to how you should handle any crisis you may face.

Is The Story Of The Little Dutch Boy Actually The Story Of Your Career?
Originally published in the former Cool Corporate dot COM Blog.

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Start Your Business?
A guest post written by Deborah A Bailey.

You Can Only Make Choices From The Choices Given
Just like you can’t hit a target that isn’t there in front of you, you can’t make a choice for your life that isn’t presented for you to choose from.

My Great Idea On How To Have A Good Life
I declared myself a minor genius since I had an idea similar to two much more major geniuses, Tim Ferriss and Chad Fowler

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Welcome to my new blog. This is where I will chronicle the next phase of mis-adventures of my life. Thank you for staying on the ride, and for you newcomers to the inside of my mental mania, I will do my best to make sure the trip is both entertaining and educational.

Life In Fast Forward: The Blog is still a bit of a work in progress. Keep checking in for new posts and site updates.

21 Great Ways to Live to be 100

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Welcome to my new blog.

Life In Fast Forward: The Blog is still a bit of a work in progress. Keep checking in for new posts and site updates.

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